10 Ideas to Inspire a Truly Unique Kitchen

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Exposed shelves and unique sink

Exposed shelves and unique sink

Sometimes you’ve just got to march to the beat of your own pots and pans. So, here are ten ways to break the Jell-O mold and create a truly unique kitchen that will stand out.

Thinking Outside the Box with Cabinets

1. Open/ Exposed Shelves

We are so used to seeing cabinet doors hiding all the dishes that mixing this part of the kitchen up will make any visitor smile with surprise. More than likely, you have carefully chosen your kitchenware for the way it looks…why not show it off! You might try upper cabinets with the doors off (a great way to shake up an outdated kitchen) or opt for sleek shelving instead (which, by the way, is cheaper than a full set of cabinets).

2. Bright Colors

Paint your cabinets a unique color! Whether you go more subdued with gray or add a pop of spring with mellow yellow and grass green, painted cabinets can subvert the expected wood finish for a unique end product. Want to really take it up a notch? Why not try different colors on the upper and lower cabinets. This variation can be as elegant as black and white or as vibrant as red and blue. If you aren’t ready to add a splash of color to all your cabinets, try a bold color on just the island.

How to “Rock” a Unique Kitchen

3. Bold Granite on the island

Boring countertops can drag a whole kitchen down with them, but add in a granite that excites you, and you’re guaranteed an un-matched kitchen look. There are hundreds of beautiful granites available in the St. Louis area.

Visit a fabricator with a large selection, and let your instincts choose a slab that makes you say “wow!” This doesn’t necessarily have to have a strong pattern. It may be a quartzite with a stunning vein running across the slab or a solid black granite with a brushed finish.

4. Waterfall Island

Waterfall Island

Waterfall Island

Why limit yourself to granite just on the counters? If you have a peninsula or island in your kitchen, consider letting a beautiful granite spill over and down to the floor.

This works particularly well with granites or marbles that have long, meandering lines in their patterns.

5. A Show-Stopping Quartz Counter

Engineered quartz comes in so many interesting and unusual patterns and colors. Opt for the black and white swirls of Pacific Salt Quartz or the stunning red color of Sparkling Ruby Quartz if you want to introduce fresh, modern visuals into your kitchen.

Let Your Kitchen’s Light Shine

6. Exposed Bulb Lighting

Turn a functional fixture into a statement piece. Exposed lighting is all the rage right now, particularly exposed-bulb pendant lights. Invest in some of those beautiful “old fashioned” light bulbs that are on the market. They are a relatively cheap way to give your kitchen a trendy but off-the-beaten path look.

7. Under-Cabinet Lighting

This is a great way to literally shine the spotlight on a beautiful countertop and/or tile. Easy to install, under-cabinet LED pucks can be quickly attached to the underside of your cabinets. As an added plus, they add extra light to work surfaces aren’t directly under your main fixtures.

Back to the Basics: Spice Up Your Backsplash

8. Unique or Exotic Tiles

Tired of white walls and same-old-same-old backsplash? Try something completely different on the walls. Tile is a great place to get out of the box because it’s not too difficult or expensive to replace down the road.

There are many great painted tiles on the market as well as tiles made from unusual materials. Some have taken this idea to the extreme and up-cycled old materials like street signs or pennies to create a backsplash that’s also of work of art.

9. Full Height Granite Backsplash

One convenient way to add some flavor to your backsplash is to get custom full-height granite or marble backsplash. If you have a granite or marble with a flowing pattern, having your stone run right up the wall gives the stone more room to show off its pattern.

One way to shake things up is to pair a bolder granite or marble backsplash with a simple white quartz counter. The quartz is durable and calm, while the backsplash adds energy to the space.

Let It All Sink In

10. Unique Sinks

How many hours a week do we stand looking into the sink? So why not make this workhorse part of the decor? Sinks are too often overlooked in kitchen design. Try a farmhouse sink or a sink made from a unique material such as copper or soapstone.

Image source: Unique Sink, Waterfall island

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