Granite Remnants

st-louis-granite-remnantsA granite remnant is a piece of stone that is a left over from a larger granite countertops project. Granite slabs come in bundles of 6 or 7.  Big blocks of granite stone are taken from granite quarries and each block of granite is sliced by diamond gang saw into 42 to 45 slabs that are of  1  ¼” thick.  The consecutive 6 or 7 slabs are then packed together and called a bundle.  Generally, these slabs will all look alike so that they can be used together for countertop projects. Once all slabs from a bundle are utilized for different projects, we are left with partial slabs or random sized small granite pieces that can’t be used for bigger projects. The result is a pile of orphan granite pieces called granite remnants. remnant-granite-stockAt Arch City Granite, we put these leftover pieces to the side and offer them at greatly discounted prices to sell them fast.

Granite Remnants Shapes, Sizes & Color

Granite remnants come in all different shapes and sizes and in variety of colors. Some of those remnants are from very high price point granite colors. The price will be very high if you have to buy a full slab. But these very expensive granite countertops become very affordable when available as granite remnant. They are perfect for small projects like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or small bars, fire place surrounds, coffee tables etc.

Granite Remnants for Your Home

granite-remnants-pileArch City Granite fabricates and installs kitchen countertops for many big custom homes in and around St. Louis, MO. Lot of times the home owners take advantage of our large remnant granite stock and use a variety of beautiful colors for their different rooms like guest bathroom, laundry room, fireplace surround etc. Arch City Granite also offers a cash and carry program by using our granite remnants. You can provide a drawing and exact measurements for your job. We go over the drawings and upon your approval of the drawings, we will fabricate it and then you can come back to pick up the pieces and install it yourself.  This way you save yourself the cost of measurement, delivery, and installation. granite-remnants-st-louisBottom line is, you get very desirable granite counters at affordable prices.  Please come by to check our  granite remnants stock for your project. It helps if you bring the drawing of your small countertops project, so that we can estimate it right away.

Please visit our St.Louis location for your granite remnant needs. Arch City Granite O’Fallon location stocks only full slabs of granite and marble and  does not stock any granite remnants.

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