A Complete Guide to White Granite Countertops

White Granite Countertops

For as long as there have been stone countertops, marble has been a staple in kitchens. Today, that look is still as beautiful as ever, but many homeowners are looking to white granite instead to get that fresh, bright-white look. Marble can more easily scratch, stain, and etch, while granite is virtually indestructible when properly […]

How to Match Granite and Cabinets

How to match granite and cabinets

First things first: most kitchen designers recommend that you pick your granite counters before the cabinets. While there are many subtle shades of stains and paints for cabinets that can be mixed and matched with door styles, each block of granite is a unique natural creation. If you choose a cabinet first, you are going […]

Quartz Countertop Colors: 6 of the Most Beautiful Caesarstone Patterns

quartz countertop colors

There are many benefits to installing quartz counters in your kitchen or bathroom. This advanced man-made material is stain resistant, heat resistant (up to a certain point), and scratch resistant. It requires no maintenance, and is easy to clean. In this article, we are going to focus on Caesarstone. Founded in 1987, this brand has […]

How to Choose the Best Type of Countertop for Your Bathroom

best countertops for bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most practical and necessary rooms in the house. But sometimes it ends up being the last room to be decorated and updated. Think of how often you are in the powder room or master bathroom? Invest a little money and time in this space, and you have the chance […]

Beach Vibes: How to Design a Kitchen that Looks Like a Vacation All Year Long

Classy Kitchen

Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the soft colors and bright, airy feel of a beach house all year long. With the right mix of colors and natural materials, you can create a fresh and relaxing kitchen that looks classy in any season. Let’s start with the […]

Reflections of Nature: 6 Granite Counters with Unbelievable Patterns

6 Granite Counters with Unbelievable Patterns

There is nothing more inherently inspiring than looking at beautiful natural landscapes in person. The next best thing is to see echoes of these vistas captured in the unique patterns and colors of natural stone. When walking through a countertop fabricator’s warehouse or granite slab-yard, many are struck by how many types of granite, marble, […]

Quartz Colors That Look Like Marble

Lyra quartz from Silestone

There are several quartz countertop colors manufactured by reputable quartz brands like Caesarstone, Silestone, and Quartz that look like real marble stone colors. Marble stones like Calcatta marble, Carrara marble, Emperador Dark or Emperador light, Crema Marfil are very beautiful. But they may not be suitable for very active kitchens that are regularly used for […]

Most Popular Undermount Sink Models

Sink Colours

There are two popular material choices for under mount sinks when installing new granite or quartz or any other stone countertops. They are stainless steel and composite granite sinks. Blanco has pioneered the technology of composite granite sinks, and they are continuously improving the quality and looks of their sinks. Blanco makes both stainless steel […]

Calcatta Classique Quartz: Great Alternative to Calcatta Marble

Kitchen Countertops with Calcatta Classique Q-Quartz, White and Espresso cabinets’ combination

Calcatta marble has always fascinated common man to artisans across the world.  It is a premium marble quarried in the Carrara region of Italy, which is the same area of Italy where Carrara marble  originates.   But the white background with very subtle light gold and faint gray veining makes it as an exclusive choice of […]

Countertop Spotlight: Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy Brown Marble

One of the hottest countertop stones on the market right now is actually a marble, even though many homeowners prefer granite or quartzite due to marble’s higher propensity to stain or etch. Fantasy Brown Marble is not your average marble. This beautiful Indian stone is much harder than the typical white marble that are often […]