Environmentally Friendly

environmentally-friendly-countertops2As a socially responsible company, Arch City Granite & Marble Inc. plays its role in helping create a sustainable environment.

We need tens of thousands of gallons of clean water every day to polish long lasting granite edges and to create a dust free environment for our employees. Arch City Granite is an industry leader in environmentally friendly stone cutting and polishing. Our state of the art system recycles all our used water and produces an environmentally friendly residue in a dry cake form that can be used to fill the landfills.

environmentally-friendly-countertopsArch City Granite has also partnered with Republic Waste Services of St. Louis to recycle all the stone waste produced during our granite and marble fabrication. This environmentally friendly partnership helps us recycle the granite waste into a reusable product, which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Arch City Granite & Marble was paying a hefty bill to remove the granite waste, and with the new partnership the bill has been substantially reduced. This way both Arch City Granite and the environment wins!

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