5 Alternatives for Granite Countertops

Posted on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

Granite countertops are arguably the most popular kitchen countertop material in the United States — and with very good reason.

Granite countertops are durable, no two are exactly alike and they look absolutely amazing in nearly any kitchen, which could explain why so many people are having them installed.

Yes, there are a lot of good reasons why granite countertops are ubiquitous. But, what if you want to try something different in your home? What if you want to replace your granite countertops with a different kind of natural stone or unique material? What options do you have that are every bit as durable and exquisite as granite?

The answer: plenty.


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Marble countertops are softer and more susceptible to scratching and staining than their granite counterparts. However, when they do develop stains and scratches, it can actually add to the character of your countertops as part of the patina. Marble ages gracefully, enveloping all of the dents and dings for a warm and inviting look.


Source: LDa Architecture via Houzz


Wood hasn’t been used regularly as a countertop material for decades, but it has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. People use cherry, bamboo, zebra wood and butcher block to make their wood countertops, which are stylish and durable.

soapstone countertops

Source: Better Home and Gardens


Soapstone is perhaps the most durable of all natural stone countertop materials. It’s virtually non-porous, so it doesn’t stain easily and it’s also resistant to heat. Soapstone’s striking charcoal black hues and matte finish add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen.


Source: Leva & Bo via Apartment Therapy


Concrete countertops are nowhere as popular as granite countertops, but they do offer many of the same advantages. They look great, can be crafted to fit any shape and size and are fairly resistant to heat.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Stainless Steel

If you’re truly looking for kitchen countertops that will differentiate your home from those of your friends, family and neighbors, consider stainless steel. It can work in nearly any style of kitchen, from the contemporary to the classic. It can complement today’s appliances, many of which feature stainless steel facades. And it’s entirely heat and stain resistant.

Granite might be the norm when it comes to kitchen countertops — with very good reason — but you don’t have to limit your options, especially when you have so many to choose from.

To find out more about bringing natural stone countertops into your kitchen and home, contact us at Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc. today.

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