5 Benefits of Sealing Granite Countertops

Posted on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 by Arch City Granite

Granite is durable and beautiful, which makes it a popular choice for kitchen countertops. However, even though they’re resistant to many chemicals, they’re not completely impervious to the damages caused by everyday kitchen use. Read on to learn how sealing granite countertops can go a long way towards maintaining them for years to come.


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Prevent Stains

Sealing your granite countertops will cause liquids to bead on the surface instead of absorbing into the stone, which can lead to stains. This is especially beneficial if you have light-colored granite countertops.

Reduce Etching

Maintaining granite countertops by sealing them will reduce damage caused by acidic foods and cleaning agents. Etching happens when acidic foods, such as lemon juice, is spilled on the counter and isn’t cleaned up immediately.

Clean Faster

Sealing your granite countertops will help you clean them much faster. Fingerprints and other dirt will be easily wiped up. Since liquids will bead on top and won’t be absorbed into the stone, it will be much easier to clean after cooking without any scrubbing.

Less Chemicals

Since your granite countertops will be easier to clean with a sealer, you won’t need to use harsh cleaning agents, which is better for the environment and for your indoor air quality.

Preserve the Natural Beauty of Granite

Maintaining granite countertops with a coat of sealant will help keep your granite from looking dull and lifeless. A sealer will prevent water, oils, and other contaminants from leaving behind mineral deposits that can make granite look cloudy and dingy.

Before you seal your granite countertops, do a simple test to see if they need sealing. Put a few drops of water on your counter and wait for a few minutes. If the water absorbs into the granite, or if the color darkens, you should seal it. Do the same test with paint thinner to see if your granite is protected from oil stains.

For more information about granite countertop maintenance and to find the perfect granite countertops for your St. Louis home, contact the expert granite fabricators at Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc.

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