5 Paint Colors that lend well to Marble

Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 by Arch City Granite

There is something about marble that is incredibly difficult to resist.

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Maybe it’s the natural beauty. Maybe it’s the aesthetic splendor and elegance it immediately lends to kitchens and bathrooms. Or maybe it’s the challenge of finding the perfect paint color to complement your marble countertops.

Yes, sometimes determining which wall color works best with your marble can be difficult. But that’s why you turn to the marble fabrication experts at Arch City Granite & Marble! They’ve helped countless homeowners just like you find paint colors to complement marble.

Here’s a look at five of the favorites:

Wintery White

If you want your marble countertops to be a room’s centerpiece, paint the walls white. This is especially effective when you choose marble slabs that have blue and brown casts in the stone. Great options include marshmallow white and white lagoon.

Scenes of the Sea

If you have marble in your bathroom, consider choosing a paint color that is reminiscent of the sea. Pale shades that are between blue and green create a calm, relaxing environment when matched with marble. Consider a blue sky or a misty aqua to create a sea-like scene.

Big and Bold

Simply put, when you combine dark walls with light marble countertops you can create a room that has a big, bold personality. If you don’t want to commit an entire room to something so daring, try painting just one of your kitchen walls a warm gray–making it an accent wall–and combining it with softer shade of gray on the other walls.

A Splash of Red

Red is an exciting and aggressive color that can quickly overpower a room. But when it’s used sparingly as an accent, it allows your polished white marble countertops to shine. It also works well to complement the red-orange hues that are often found in hardwood floors.

Beautiful Black

It’s dark. It’s mysterious. And when it’s done properly, beautiful ebony black walls work extremely well with stunning white marble. The key is to ensure that your room gets plenty of natural light and has plenty of strategically placed artificial lighting. Try black tulip or peacock blue if you are going to go the beautiful black route.

These are just five paint colors that lend well to marble. There are others, and your space, design tastes and goals might call for a different color. Contact Arch City Granite & Marble to discuss your specific needs.

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