A Simple Guide to Selecting Bathroom Countertops

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Whether you’re selecting the finishing touches for a new home, remodeling an existing bathroom or simply giving one a facelift, the countertop is a key element that influences both appearance and functionality. When you’re looking at the various options for bathroom countertop materials, take the following factors into consideration.

Source: Elle Decor

Source: Elle Decor


Before you choose a material, consider the amount of use the bathroom receives. Are you choosing a countertop for a powder room that’s not frequently used? If so, you could select an opulent marble countertop that gives the space a luxurious feel with less concern about the material’s porous nature.


While bathroom countertops don’t have to endure as much wear and tear as those in a kitchen, durability should be a key factor in your decision. If you’re replacing the countertop in a family bathroom that gets significant traffic, for example, you’ll want a material such as granite or soapstone that can withstand a daily onslaught from steam, hot curling irons, toothpaste, shaving cream, soap and cosmetics. Don’t forget to factor in ease of care and how well the material stands up to various cleaning products.


Unless you’re planning a complete bathroom makeover, you’ll need to integrate the color and appearance of a new countertop with existing style elements. Integration is especially important in a confined space such as a bathroom, where even a small expanse of countertop has a large effect on the overall look. Be sure to consider the existing flooring, vanity, fixtures and wall treatments to achieve a cohesive style.


Today’s range of luxurious bathroom countertop materials gives you the opportunity to create a sumptuous space that perfectly matches your personal style and taste. You can remake your master bath into a posh spa retreat with the use of granite or marble, or create an indulgent ambiance in a guest bathroom with a quartz countertop.


Before making a choice, measure the square footage you’ll need and compare the costs of various countertop materials. Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on functionality and cost, you should obtain firm estimates that include materials, fabrication and installation before making a final decision.

Knowledgeable advice is invaluable when choosing between bathroom countertop materials. Our skilled staff at Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc. can help you make a choice that perfectly fits your needs and style.

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