Back to Black: How to Decorate with Black Counters & Cabinets in the Kitchen

Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Black Galaxy granite contrasted with honey glazed cabinets

Black Galaxy granite contrasted with honey glazed cabinets

Decorating with black granite countertops continues as a popular kitchen countertop option all the time.  From classic black-and-white to luxuriously dark rooms, using black as a central “color” (for lack of better way to put it) never goes out of style.

There are so many different reasons and ways to incorporate black into your kitchen. In this article, we’ll go over the basics, focusing on black countertops and black cabinets, since those are our areas of specialty.

Why Incorporate Black Into Your Kitchen

You might be hesitant to add black to your kitchen since the popular consensus is that brighter is always better, and that the best way to brighten up a space is with light colors. But, as any artist will tell you, creating the right effect is more than just using bright colors…it’s about carefully considering the balance of light and dark and their relationship with each other.

In 1933, the famous Japanese designer Junichiro Tanizaki wrote the classic essay “In Praise of Shadows.” In it, he celebrates the power of shadows to create peaceful, balanced spaces: “Whenever I see the alcove of a tastefully built Japanese room, I marvel at our comprehension of the secrets of shadows, our sensitive use of shadow and light.”

Discussing how rays of light linger on shadowy walls at dusk, Tanizaki shows that, properly captured, a little light can be far more impressive and evocative of emotion than filling an entire room with bright white light.

The eye is naturally drawn to contrast, so mixing dark elements into a lighter room will cause one’s gaze to move around, creating the impression of a larger space. Black can be used to tie in other kitchen elements, define a space (say, in a great room), frame important design elements (such as bold countertops), and make the room look bigger.

How to Decorate with Black Countertops

One of the best things about black is that is doesn’t show dust and mess like light colors. Black countertops can be a great way to add a mess-safe space in a bright, clean kitchen. It doesn’t hurt that there are so many beautiful black granites.

From the pristine glossy surface of Premium Black Granite and simplicity of Absolute Black Granite to the wild lines of Titanium Black Granite and the exotic riverbed pattern of Black Marinace Granite, there is a black stone counter for every style.

There are also several other types of countertops that come in black. As mentioned, there are many beautiful and varied granites, but there are also a number of great quartz counters on the market in black, including Q Quartz’s Sparkling Black Quartz, Tebas Black Quartz by Silestone, and Caesarstone’s Vanilla Noir Quartz.

Soapstone is another natural stone that can balance the light and dark in your kitchen. Though it is naturally a medium shade, soapstone can be oiled to a rich black.

Black countertops can be used for many different styles. They can be used to create a dynamic black and white look when combined with white cabinets or used next to white granite or white marble. A great trend in recent years is to reverse the cabinet/granite color on the island (so, for example, white cabinets with black granite on the perimeter counters and black cabinets with white granite or marble for the island).

On the other end of the design spectrum, pairing a leathered or honed black granite (such as Honed Nero Mist Granite or Leathered Brown Antique Granite) with a colorful cabinet (like eggshell blue or olive green) creates an eclectic kitchen with a touch of gravitas.

How to Decorate with Black Cabinets

Black cabinets are a great way to “frame” a beautiful counter. Pairing a light to medium granite counter against a black cabinet will highlight the stone and encourage the eye to travel across it, emphasizing any movement in the granite’s pattern and making the room look larger.

If you aren’t ready to go completely black on the cabinets, consider a black island to contrast lighter perimeter cabinets.

White marble countertops like White Carrara Marble or Calacatta Marble really stand out on black cabinets. If you don’t want to use marble on your counters, there are some excellent quartz counters that are designed to look like marble, including Q Quartz’s Calacatta Classique Quartz and Carrara Grigio Quartz.

If you want to create a warmer effect, granites with warm caramel, amber, and light to medium brown colors create a sophisticated picture when framed by black cabinets. Good granites for this look include Golden Sparkle Granite, Astoria Granite, and Giallo Ornamental Granite.

Stone design experts at Arch City Granite & Marble in St.Louis will guide you through the stone selection process without obligation or sales pressure. All that you need to bring with you is a small sample of your kitchen cabinet and a picture of your existing kitchen taken with your smartphone or tablet.

We are confident that you can find a stone you love from our vast inventory of Granite and Quartz slabs.

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