Best granite colors for cherry cabinets

Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

A kitchen design that features cherry cabinets tends to exude sophistication and elegance. The granite counter color you choose to coordinate with cherry cabinets will enable you to pull kitchen design elements together in a winning way.

Cherry Variations

Cherry cabinets can vary significantly in depth and hue. Before selecting granite color, analyze the color of the cherry cabinetry.

Cherry cabinets could have dark red-brown overtones or a lighter shade that seems more brown than red. Cherry cabinets may be a matte or shiny finish and the wood may have mottled variations with deeper red running through it.

Rich Red Cherry

Cherry cabinetry in the richest and deepest red hues demands a granite color that will both complement and contrast the cabinetry color. Consider both solid and veined or speckled granite to coordinate with dark red cherry cabinets.

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Gold or copper granite with flecks or veining that match the cherry cabinets can enable you to create a warm and sophisticated color scheme. The light gold tones of the granite, contrasting with dark brown variations, can tie the design features together for a bold effect.

Go dark with black or mottled gray granite for a dramatic and elegant kitchen design. This neutral color scheme has enough contrast to deliver a pleasing appearance in an upscale kitchen.

Red-Brown Cherry

When your cherry cabinetry has more muted red undertones, create a rustic kitchen with a light mottled gray granite. The overall feel will still be contemporary and stylish, but you’ll create a more pleasing appearance.

If you’re daring and adventurous, you might even consider a forest green granite to create an eye-catching and bold kitchen design.

Other color options include neutrals like beige, cream and even off-white for stark contrast from the cherry cabinetry. Try a light neutral granite with flecks of darker color for a pleasing color scheme.

Think Contrast

A cardinal rule when choosing granite color for a kitchen involves creating a bold contrast between cabinetry and counters. With cherry cabinets, you’ve already got red undertones in full force in your kitchen. Stay away from granite colors that repeat the same undertones in the counters. Mixing colors for contrast generally creates the most appealing design.

Shopping Tips

Bring an open mind and a sample of your cabinets when you start shopping for granite counters. Trained professionals can help guide you toward pleasing color combinations and contrasts to help you choose the granite color that will pair with your cherry cabinetry.

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