Comparing Soapstone and Granite Countertop Options for St. Louis

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Stone countertop options in St. Louis add timeless appeal to any kitchen. Whether the context is modern or traditional, the appearance of natural stone is a classic style statement that adds both aesthetic and practical value.

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A decorated soapstone countertop
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While synthetic countertops inevitably require replacement at some point, when properly maintained, natural soapstone or granite countertops can last the lifetime of the home and withstand all the punishment of daily kitchen use. Among the most prominent stone countertop options in St. Louis, soapstone and granite offer unique benefits unmatched by synthetic materials.

Here’s a comparison and contrast of these two popular natural stone countertops:


  • Made from a quarried stone cut in slabs, soapstone countertops have a milky appearance and lend a rustic, homey character compared to granite’s more elegant, cosmopolitan appearance. This ambiance of warmth and comfort is often described as a “country kitchen” atmosphere.
  • Soapstone has a higher content of talc, lending a smoother, softer sensation to the touch.
  • The available hues of soapstone offer ample design latitude. Shades range from nearly white with nominal marbling, to pearl and gray hues that are richly marbled, to a solid dark charcoal appearance. Color range stays in black and white, however, and doesn’t include the blues and pinks offered by granite options.
  • Soapstone is less porous than granite, and thus natural resists staining and doesn’t require sealant. However, because of its inherent softness, certain activities such as direct cutting or chopping should be limited to cutting boards or other surfaces.


  • The elegant aura of granite turns countertops into the focal point of a kitchen. It is hard, scratch-resistant and immune to all the rigors of normal kitchen use.
  • Granite countertops are unaffected by heat and can be installed immediately adjacent to gas burners and stoves without deterioration.
  • Granite is available in more than 20 color shades to complement any design theme. Since every slab of granite is different, the unique aesthetic statement made by your countertops will never be a duplicate of another kitchen elsewhere.
  • Though granite is more porous than soapstone, modern sealants applied correctly and at recommended intervals virtually eliminate absorption and staining issues. In most cases, application of sealant is an easy 20-minute DIY procedure. Once granite is properly sealed, cleaning can be performed on an as-needed basis with simple soap and water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Choosing between granite and soapstone countertops can be a test for the untrained eye. If you’re looking for a natural stone countertop expert that can guide you to the right selection, be sure to contact us at Arch City Granite in St. Louis.

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