Everywhere But the Counters: 6 Low Risk Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Classically beautiful, marble is a long time favorite for kitchen counters. There are many pros and cons of marble in the kitchen; if you considering marble countertops, talk to your local high end fabricator about whether marble counters are right for your your home and lifestyle. Some homeowners have decided on more indestructible materials like quartz or granite, but still love the look of marble.

To help these marble lovers out, we’ve put together a list of osur favorite ways to use marble in low risk areas, where is it unlikely to be damaged heavy daily use.

1. Full Marble Backsplash

Of course, you’ve probably seen marble tile backsplash. This is a lovely look, but tiles break up the gentle, lilting pattern of classic stones like White Carrara Marble and Calacatta Marble. If you are eager to have the look of solid marble in your home, your local fabricator can actually cut solid pieces of marble to perfectly fit your backsplash area. Full backsplash is much easier to keep clean than tile. If sealed regularly (once to twice a year), you don’t have to worry about stains or etching because no materials will accidentally sit on the surface for extended periods of time.

The full marble backsplash can be contrasted with a dark stone like Absolute Black Granite or soapstone– or it can be paired with a bright white Quartz material (like Silestone’s White Zeus Extreme or Caesarstone’s Pure White) for that fresh, marble effect.

2. Wall Caps and Half-Walls

Do you have a passthru, wood wall cap, or plain half wall in your home? Consider replacing it with a custom piece of marble for a little touch of elegance outside the kitchen. If your kitchen counters match well with marble, then you can use it as a transition into the adjoining space, such as on half walls or pass-thru’s between the kitchen and dining room.

This is also a great way to spruce up a hallway or peripheral space in the home. Often times these less-used spaces end up rather far down on the decorating to do list. Adding a touch of marble gives the space a finished look even if the rest of the hall or entryway has been left fairly simple.

3. Tub Surround

If you have a soaking tub, a custom marble surround is a great way to avoid pesky grout lines and get your marble fix at the same time. Sometimes, unsealed marble can get temporary water spots, but if you seal your stone and clean it with non-abrasive chemicals, it will look fresh and clean for years and years. Like the full backsplash, a marble tub surround can be paired with a contrasting granite or quartz or cut from the same stone as the marble chosen for the vanity counters.

4. Ornamental Backsplash Behind a Free-Standing Tub

Free-standing bathtubs are everywhere in high end design these days. A custom backsplash behind the tub protects the wall from water spills, provides a great view while soaking, and adds visual weight to the tub area, which creates a strong focal point in the room. Have your fabricator cut the design of the piece to mimic an arch in the room or the curve of the tub feet. Or create a modern/ contemporary look with clean, straight lines.

There are so many ways this idea could be customized to different space and styles, so don’t be afraid to think creatively when discussing the details with your fabricator.

5. Fireplace Surround

White marble fireplaces are timeless. From ornate mantles of past centuries to sleek, ultra-modern monoliths in contemporary homes, stones like White Carrara Marble and White Danby Marble are tried and true choices for framing cozy fires in the living room. Many older homes have wood mantles with brick or cement inner surrounds.

It is a very simple process to cover these sections with small pieces of marble, increasing the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace and adding a daily dose of marble to your home in a low risk area.

6. Sideboard or Coffee Table

If you have a big piece of furniture like a sideboard or table in the hall, you can order a custom marble counter to fit it. These pieces won’t get any of the daily use that can make marble kitchen counters more risky, but, especially on long pieces, you will still get the effect of marble counters in a prominent part of the home.

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