Five New Granite Colors St. Louis Homeowners Will Love

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Trends come and when it comes to decorating and refinishing your kitchen. However, the one thing that remains consistent is the popularity of granite countertops. While many people immediately think of black or grey when they think of granite, there are many different granite colors to choose from—allowing nearly endless style options for your kitchen.

In Los Angeles, New York, and other areas, decorators are always looking for the newest and trendiest looks for their clients, and there is no shortage of options. Recently, we introduced five new granite slab colors to St. Louis homeowners that are already very popular among east and west coast home designers.

Discover these five granite options and find the perfect one to give your kitchen all the beauty and elegance of granite, while achieving a unique look that makes your kitchen feel like home.

Monte Cristo Granite

Monte Cristo Granite

Monte Cristo Granite is a bold, yet elegant new granite color. The pearly white background is flecked with jet black patterns. It is a light, bright shade without being “too white”. While Monte Cristo Granite perfectly pairs with white cabinets, there are other cabinet matching options too. Black cabinets, grey cabinets or Off white cabinets can be paired with this new trending granite.

One of the best things about Monte Cristo is that this granite color has a classic appeal that will stand the test of time—without being too boring and ordinary. Installing Monte Cristo is a great choice for anyone who is afraid to stray too far from the norm for resale purposes.

Hawaii Granite

Hawaii Granite

Durable Hawaii Granite is much more colorful than it may look at first glance. While it is a gray-based granite, there is gold, cream and dark veins throughout, giving it a personality all its own.

Matching this granite countertop with the perfect cabinet is easy because of the color. You will find that depending on the cabinets you choose, different colors will be more pronounced after installation. Much like the beautiful state it was named after, Hawaii granite is unique and deeply gorgeous.

Cold Spring Granite

Cold Spring Granite

Cold Spring Granite is a color choice that truly earns its name. The icy, ivory white background appears to be flecked with dark grays and onyx veins. One look at Cold Spring and you will imagine those cold mornings that are so prevalent during the early spring months here in St. Louis. Cabinet matching options for cold spring include white, black and gray—though you may be able to find certain wood tones that can complement the Cold Spring Granite too.

Silver Cloud Granite

Silver Cloud Granite

If you love silver and gray, but aren’t ready to go dark with your countertop choice, Silver Cloud granite could be a perfect choice. The ivory and alabaster background is gently swirled with light to medium grays and silver. This is a sophisticated granite choice that matches well with black or dark wood countertops—though discussing the options with your designer may show you some other choices that work well too. Silver Cloud is a unique granite, but one that will appeal to a wide variety of homeowners.

This newly introduced granite comes from India and priced at a midrange price of $59 to $67 per square foot installed.  You can choose a very bold and dramatic swirly patterned Silver Cloud granite slabs or you may go with comparatively milder pattern batch of Silver granite also.

Snowfall Granite

Snowfall Granite

Imported from Brazil, Snowfall Granite is predominately cream colored background with white spots scattered, but it has flecks of both dark ebony and small swirls of beigey-fawn. This slight kiss of brown gives the Snowfall Granite a natural appearance that looks good with both wood tone and colored cabinets.

You may find that this granite matches with your existing cabinetry too—making it a good choice if you are not planning to redo your entire kitchen and only want to change the countertops. Snowfall Granite has a classic appeal that will look as good ten years from now as it does today.

No matter what color you choose, granite is a wonderful choice for your kitchen. It is easy to maintain, durable and beautiful. Choosing granite will add a high-end feel to your kitchen and, in fact, your entire home. Spend some time looking over the choices and talk to your installer about what is available for granite and cabinet matching.

If you are in the St. Louis area, reach out to us at Arch City Granite. We carry all the latest colors, and our granite experts can show you exactly how beautiful your kitchen will look when you add high-end granite countertops. We can’t wait to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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