Granite Countertops – Pros and Cons

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

A kitchen or bathroom design or remodel involves many decisions. Installing granite countertops has both pros and cons, so consider the full picture carefully as you make your design decisions.

Granite counters have exceptional longevity, so if you choose granite, expect them to last in your home for many years.

Pros of Granite

If granite fits your budget, the benefits of granite abound when you choose it as a countertop material for your home.

Unique Color Choices

No single batch of granite slabs is exactly like any other and many different colors and patterns are available. The color options and uniqueness of granite enable you to have an individual countertop that won’t exist anywhere else.

It’s possible to find a granite color and pattern that will fit or complement your room design precisely to bring out the warmth or vitality you seek.


As a natural stone, granite adds exceptional beauty to any room design. Granite adds an instantly upscale appeal to a kitchen or bathroom design.


The strength of granite makes it an appealing countertop material. Granite is exceedingly hard, which makes it difficult to scratch under normal living conditions. The only material hard enough to scratch granite is another piece of granite or a diamond.

Granite will not scorch or melt when exposed to heat. Typical cooking conditions that involve hot pots and pans directly from the oven or stove will not damage granite, even if you place these items directly onto the counter.


Maintenance of granite is not complicated or time-consuming. Cleaning granite generally involves a gentle hand soap and water to keep it sparkling.

Protect the surface of the granite by sealing it once in 3 years. Application of the sealant is not difficult. With an effective sealant covering the granite, the surface should repel stains. There are several natural stone sealers from reputed companies like DuPont that offer a 15 year stain protection.

Cons of Granite

Explore the drawbacks of granite before making a final decision to ensure that you accept possible limitations and negatives.


The cost of granite can make it a prohibitive choice for some consumers. The cost per square foot of some exotic granite installations can be up to $150. On the low end of the price scale, granite prices start at approximately $39 per square foot. There is a wide variation in the price, and generally it ranges from $45 to $75 for desirable colors.

Because of the weight and customized installation process, you will need to hire a professional to install it. Professional installation of granite is higher than that of traditional materials like laminate countertops.


Granite is a naturally porous material. This porosity makes sealing a priority to protect the granite surface. If you allow the sealant to wear thin, you may notice stains occurring in the granite. You will need to hire a professional to remove stains if they occur. This problem can be solved by using 15 year protection sealants.


The heavy weight of granite can make it necessary to reinforce overhangs beyond 8 inches. Cabinets may need extra support installed beneath the counter to support the weight of granite countertops, requiring the services of professional installation company.


Granite slabs are available about 115” length by 70” height. Depending on the layout of your counter area, it’s likely that you will have some seams in the granite. Some granite designs conceal seams more readily than others. This is in contrast to the solid surface countertops that do not need seams because the material is manmade and is poured to form the countertops.

You may have to engage the services of granite professionals that use seam concealing methods.


Granite counters can last a lifetime, can outlive the house they are installed into.  While this could be a benefit for home owners who do not want spend again, some homeowners might consider it a downside of granite. Design trends change over time, and you might become tired of the look of your granite counter long before it wears out or needs replacing.

With careful review of both the pros and cons of granite, you can make an informed decision that will be right for your lifestyle and your home.

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