How to Choose the Best Type of Countertop for Your Bathroom

Posted on Monday, September 12th, 2016 by Arch City Granite

best countertops for bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most practical and necessary rooms in the house. But sometimes it ends up being the last room to be decorated and updated. Think of how often you are in the powder room or master bathroom? Invest a little money and time in this space, and you have the chance to start and end your day in with colors and styles that make you smile.

Except for the unusually large and luxurious bathroom, most vanity counters can be fabricated from remnants, the large pieces of granite or other stones leftover from bigger projects.

Particularly when it comes to higher-end granites with more unique patterns, remnants rarely match new slabs, meaning that fabricators will usually sell the remnants at a considerably discounted rate. These beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces are the best way to get a great, affordable vanity top.

Granite for Bathrooms

black granite countertops

Like in the kitchen, granite is the most versatile and durable countertop you could choose. Granite will easily hold up against the normal wear and tear of a bathroom. We still recommend sealing your vanity top once a year. Most fabricators will likely have a larger amount of granite remnants compared to other countertop types.

Quartz Surfaces for Bathrooms

white granite countertops for bathroom

Quartz counters are the next most popular choice for vanity counters. They will have the same durability level as granite when installed in bathrooms. However, your fabricator may not have as many remnants of quartz. The consistency of pattern and color across different quartz styles means that any remaining pieces can be used for future kitchen projects. If you visit a fabricator who stocks quartz, they can sell you a smaller piece at the normal price rate.

Marble for Vanity tops

bathroom marble countertops

White marble and white quartzite are two more popular and dependable choices for bathroom vanities. For those who would prefer marble in the kitchen, but are wary of the risks, the bathroom is a great place to enjoy a classic like White Carrara Marble.

In the bathroom, there are far less risks that an acidic substance or stray knife or heavy pot will be able to damage your marble. Properly sealed, there’s no reason a white marble can’t stay looking fresh and clean in the average bathroom.

Quartzite Stones for Bathrooms

quartzite bathroom countertops

If you are still not ready to put marble in your bathroom but love the look, consider quartzite. This natural, quarried stone can have a similar appearance to marble, but is harder and more resistant to etching and stains. Super White Quartzite and White Macaubas Quartzite are two popular choices for that classic marble top look without the risks of marble.

For a large selection of remnants and other bathroom vanity counter options in the greater St. Louis area, visit one of Arch City Granite and Marble’s two fully-stocked showrooms.

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