How to Decorate Around Black Granite this Fall

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Black granite is durable, elegant and it compliments many decor styles. For owners of black granite countertops or kitchen islands, this means that customizing the look and ambience of the kitchen is very simple.

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You can add warmth or cool the room down with just a few decor changes. For all who enjoy matching decor to the seasons, you will love how striking an autumnal palette looks against this granite. Here are tips for fall decorating around black granite.

Using Fall Colors

Bright colors stand out vividly against a black backdrop, which makes decorating around black granite exceptionally enjoyable in the fall. Use shades of orange, gold, red and light brown to bring the beauty of autumn into your home.

Consider decorating with placemats, candleholders or similar objects in these colors to create bold accents that contrast with the black.

Attending to Visual Texture

Visual texture influences the ambience of a room to a similar degree as color does. Sealed black granite has a smooth, glossy visual texture that harmonizes well with sleek modern decorating styles. If you wish to emphasize this, your accompanying decorative items should have a similar glossy texture. Think colored glass or glossy enameled ceramics in fall themes, such as pumpkins or ceramic gourds.

If your decorating style is classical, rather than modern, use matte or textured finishes and natural materials as accents for your granite countertops. Woven placemats or wood candlesticks can balance the glossy granite and lend coziness to the room. Also consider natural items that are evocative of autumn, such as gourds, pumpkins, or autumn leaves displayed in a woven basket, or a bouquet of fall flowers.

Decorating for Autumn Holidays

Halloween has met its perfect match when it comes to black granite. You can keep it simple and subtle by just adding a few Halloween themed features, such as pumpkins, white ghost figurines or pale skulls. Alternatively, go all out for a party or for your children by setting Jack-O-Lanterns and spooky graveyard displays on the countertop.

Thanksgiving displays show equally well against black granite. Consider cornucopias in bright colors, Thanksgiving turkey figurines, and baskets of colorful maize. Set them on an orange or white placemat or doily to draw the eye even more, making the display a design focal point.

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