Incorporate Granite into Your Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Granite countertops on an outdoor kitchen or bar make this popular addition to your lifestyle both elegant and long-lasting. Adding a kitchen or bar to your deck or patio creates a focus point for leisure activities and draws indoor gatherings into the great outdoors. However, one issue with all outside facilities is durability. Outdoor temperature extremes in summer and winter, as well as UV exposure, precipitation and humidity all take their toll. Synthetic materials may offer weather-resistance, but often sacrifice aesthetic values. The classic, timeless appearance of granite countertops on an outdoor kitchen or bar is both elegant and impervious to exposure to the elements.

granite kitchen bar

A granite kitchen counter bar set for food
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Here are a few guidelines for selecting granite countertops for outdoor applications like a kitchen or bar:

  • Consider the color of the kitchen cabinets or bar structure. Granite is available in over 20 color shades. To avoid color monotony, refrain from a strictly uniform color match between the granite countertop and the cabinets or bar. Allow some aspect of the shade of granite to add contrast. For example, choosing granite with a similar background hue to the cabinets, but also incorporating darker mottling and/or veins, sets off the countertop more vividly than a uniform match among bar, cabinets and countertop. Alternatively, the overall granite shade may contrast vividly with colors of the cabinet or bar structure, while the veining and speckles of the stone provide some color match.
  • Granite colors most appropriate for white or light-colored kitchen/bar cabinetry include Black, Silver and Blue Pearl varieties, as well as Sapphire Blue, Labrador Green and New Azul Arron. For a dark-colored or black bar, Golden Crystal, Delicatus and Giallo Ornamental are popular granite hues. Other options include Bianco Antico, Venetian Pearl, Super White and green, white-veined Costa Esmeralda.
  • Also note that the weight of granite varies with density and may average around 18 to 20 pounds per square foot. While most solidly-built bar and kitchen cabinet structure supports granite without alteration, some reinforcement may be necessary to an existing structure that does not meet those specifications for supporting weight.

For professional guidance about selecting and installing granite countertops on an outdoor kitchen or bar, in the St. Louis metropolitan area contact Arch City Granite & Marble.

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