Made in America: Stone Countertops Quarried in North America

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Virginia Mist granite quarried in North America

Virginia Mist granite quarried in North America

Most natural stone countertops (granite, quartzite, marble, and soapstone) are quarried outside of the U.S. They come from all over the world, from Brazil to India to Finland to Africa to Eastern Europe and Italy of course.

Is Any Granite Quarried in the U.S.?

Among conscious consumers, recent trends promote the purchase of domestic and local products whenever possible. Now, plenty of granite is quarried in the U.S. “Rock of Ages,” a quarry in Vermont, is one of the most famous in the world.

However, the vast majority of granite quarried in America is the plain gray and pink variety that is used for buildings and paving materials. Many American cities are filled with buildings made from American granite, but because these types of granite don’t have much color or pattern variation, they are not used for countertops.

On the other hand, most stone fabrication and installation is done by small, local companies. If you want to support local businesses during your kitchen renovation, choosing a local fabricator instead of a big box store is the best way to make sure your money is staying in your local economy instead of going to a corporate office a thousand miles away.

A Few Specific Countertops Quarried in the U.S.

If you still want to get a natural stone countertop that’s been quarried in North America, there are a few good options out there:

American Granite

Dakota Mahogany granite quarried in North America

Dakota Mahogany granite quarried in North America

Virginia Mist Granite is a well-known mid-range granite with a dusty black background and swirls of gray. It is often sold in both polished and honed finishes. It is quarried in Virginia and Canada.

Dakota Mahogany Granite is a low-range composite granite with a black background mixed with mahogany, gray, and burgundy. It is quarried in Milbank, South Dakota.

American Soapstone

Soapstone has been quarried in America for hundreds of years. Today, most architectural grade soapstone available for purchase is quarried from the Alberene Quarry in Virginia or the Green Mountain Quarry in Vermont.

Alberene Soapstone quarried in North America

Alberene Soapstone quarried in North America

Pro tip: You probably won’t be able to identify which slabs of soapstone are quarried domestically unless you ask your fabricator or supplier directly.

American Marble

Danby marble quarried in Vermont, USA

Danby marble quarried in Vermont, USA

Like granite, most marble quarried in the U.S. is used for floors, walls, and other non-countertop applications, although there are more countertop marble varieties than granite found in the U.S.

The most well-known group of American marble is the Danby family of marbles (Imperial Danby Marble, Montclair Danby Marble, Royal Danby Marble, etc.), which are quarried in Danby, Vermont and other locations in that state.

Two other marble counters quarried in America are Augusta White Marble (Georgia) and Calacatta Lincoln Marble (Colorado).

For more information on where granite, marble, or soapstone slabs are quarried, call or visit one of Arch City Granite & Marble’s two showrooms in the greater St. Louis area.

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