Monthly Inspiration: Designing a Cook’s Kitchen

Posted on Monday, October 6th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

The differences between a traditional, everyday kitchen and a cook’s kitchen are both obvious and subtle. You’ll notice some of the differences immediately, such as the presence of high-end appliances, quality knives and ample room for meal preparation. Others are a little more nuanced, like the way the kitchen is laid out to create maximum efficiency.


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There will also be some high-end touches, from the utensils to pots and pans to the kitchen countertop materials. The latter should be tough and aesthetically appealing when foodies do what they love.

When it comes to designing the perfect cook’s kitchen, you need to pay attention to the obvious, as well as the nuanced:

The Appliances

The most obvious—and perhaps most important—element in a cook’s kitchen is the appliances. Investing in high-end appliances, like the oven, range and refrigerator lets people cook with reckless abandon.

An even-heat, double stacked electric oven unit will give you the ability to bake and broil with precision. Most professional chefs prefer instant-response gas ranges and cooktops. The right refrigerator can accommodate a wide range of perishable goods, from large turkeys to delicate fruits and vegetables. And then there’s the dishwasher—the most important tool for anyone who loves to keep the sink clear for meal preparation.

The Layout

The layout of your kitchen shouldn’t be overlooked. The better-designed your kitchen is, the more effectively you’ll be able to cook with ease. Everything about your kitchen should be designed to swiftly move you from one functional area to the next, like a conveyor belt.

A great layout can make everything more efficient and enjoyable, from food prep to cooking to cleanup.

The Extra Touches

Appliances and an intuitive layout lets guests know you’re serious about cooking, but it’s the extra touches that let you cook like a professional.

Double sinks allow more than one person to operate in the kitchen at one give time, and selecting a durable kitchen countertop material to surround such an area is equally as important for meal preparation and cleanliness. Granite, for example, is among the toughest and best-looking of kitchen countertop materials.

If you need help selecting your kitchen countertops, contact Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc. today for expert advice.

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