Oak Cabinets and Granite? Yes, They Blend Flawlessly! Here’s how

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

You really want to update your kitchen, but your oak cabinets are in great condition – so they are staying. However, your laminate countertops are another story. They make your kitchen look cheap, which is not the look you are going for. That’s where granite comes in. Oak cabinets are very popular in St. Louis area and many homes built during last 20 years have Oak kitchen cabinets.

Oak cabinets and granite counters can be paired together to create the high-end kitchen of your dreams, as long as you choose a suitable granite for oak cabinets. While this may seem a little complicated, if you can take it one step at a time, you will have it narrowed down to your ideal granite color selection for oak cabinets in no time at all.

Create Some Contrast

First, you need to think about what kind of contrast you want to create in your kitchen. While granite that exactly matches oak cabinets is always an option, the result is usually anything but interesting. Instead, look for something that will make your countertops pop, like emerald, navy, or even black undertones. The more stark the contrast, the more dramatic the result will be. Even our White Spring granite provides enough of a difference in color that the results will be jaw-drop worthy.

Tie in the Oak

Once you have chosen the base color of the granite, it is time to make sure it ties in with the honey color of the oak. Many of the options of granite for oak cabinets include speckles or veins that are a similar shade to the oak. For example, our Uba Tuba is an excellent choice because you still get the contrast, but the oak isn’t the only place in the kitchen where the golden hue will be present.

Remember the Rest

But before you get too far, don’t forget that there’s a lot more in your kitchen than just the countertops and cabinets. While the oak cabinets and granite may blend perfectly, what about the appliances or the flooring? You may love the distinction you get with our Black Pearl granite next to the rich oak color, but if your appliances are white, you definitely won’t get the magazine-worthy finish you are going for. And what about the hardware on your cabinets? Silver handles, oak cabinets, and granite in River White would be stunning. Make sure you are keeping the complete picture in mind so that the finished look is cohesive and no detail is out of place.

Focus on the Feeling

It may seem easy enough to find suitable granite for oak cabinets in St. Louis, Missouri, but it is important to keep in mind that the color of granite that you choose plays a huge role in the overall feeling of your kitchen. Are you going for a modern look? Do you prefer a warm and inviting aesthetic? Or is fresh and airy more your thing? The granite color selection for oak cabinets can evoke any of these feelings as long as you pick accordingly.

  • Modern and Sleek – If you love all things straight-lined and sophisticated, then a modern kitchen is definitely for you. And yes, you can still achieve this look with oak cabinets. Opt for smooth, dark granite, such as our Absolute Black Premium Honed variety. The lack of speckles in the granite will pair impeccably with your simplistic style.
  • Cozy and Inviting – When you want your kitchen to portray the warmth of earth tones while taking cues from the outdoors, then you will want to look for something with a rich brown or subtle green backdrop. Our Indian Coffee Brown granite is very luxurious, provides ample contrast, and will look beautiful in a traditional or Mediterranean kitchen. If the brown is still too bold for you, our Costa Esmeralda will complete a shabby-chic or antique kitchen with perfection. Our Giallo Fiorito (granite shown in the picture) is one of the popular choices for Oak cabinet kitchens and you can never go wrong with this colorful granite from Brazil.
  • Clean and Crisp – If your kitchen is more in the coastal, transitional, or country styles, you may think granite matching oak cabinets is impossible to get the look you want. However, there are many different white-based options, like our Andino White or Bianco Romano that will bring your kitchen design up a notch.

Complete with Class

Now that you have found the ideal granite color selection for oak cabinets, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches. Maybe you want to update the hardware on the drawers and cupboards so they coordinate with your new granite in both color and style. You can even purchase a new throw rug or chandelier to make sure that your kitchen looks picture perfect once your new granite is installed.

When you have oak cabinets, there are many different granite options that will make your kitchen look impeccable. We understand the decision can be daunting, and we are here to help. When you visit the experts at Arch City Granite in St. Louis, Missouri or O’Fallon, Missouri, we can help you select the ideal granite option for you. Whether your design aesthetic is modern, traditional, or anything in between, granite is a durable, luxurious option that will give you the kitchen you have been dreaming of. Every day, you will walk around the corner and admire how amazing your new kitchen looks with the oak cabinets and granite that blend flawlessly.

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