Renovating? Check out these 2015 kitchen design trends

Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to take a look at the hot, new 2015 kitchen design trends. Whether you’re renovating or modeling a new kitchen, these six design trends are sure to offer an idea or two that can work for you:

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    Furniture-style kitchen cabinets. This year, the island in your kitchen could look more like a stylish, granite-topped dresser than a functional storage space. One of the hottest 2015 kitchen design trends is to add furniture-style design features to the cabinetry.

  • A mix of the modern and the traditional. Sleek and cosmopolitan kitchen designs are so 2014. This year, people seem to be leaning toward combining the modern with the traditional. For example, dark-colored wood cabinets are being combined with magnificent white marble countertops.
  • Stunning, stylish ceilings. It used to be easy to overlook ceilings. After all, they just played a supporting role, serving as nothing more than a place to put the lights. But in 2015, ceilings just might become the star of the kitchen stage. This year, you’ll start seeing more design elements, creative lighting and coffer ceilings.
  • Dark colors–or more specifically: black. That’s right, one of the hottest 2015 kitchen design trends involves incorporating the color black (and dark, dark browns) into everything from the cabinets to the countertops. Painting cabinets black or choosing a slab of titanium granite for the countertops will soon be commonplace.
  • Wide open spaces. Where kitchen design used to be all about making the most of the space you had, today’s kitchens are being designed to make more space. Open floor plans, kitchens designed without an abundance of cupboards and shelves hanging in the open will be popular this year. The goal is to make the kitchen more comfortable for entertaining, socializing and, yes, cooking, too.
  • Smart investments. Some things never change, and that includes the importance of making smart investments. One of the 2015 kitchen design trends that seems to have staying power is making smart investments. That includes choosing building materials that will hold their value–like high-quality appliances, the best cabinets and natural stone countertops. Each of these building materials not only makes your kitchen a more enjoyable place, but each also increases the overall value of your home.

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