Selecting Kitchen Appliances to go with Your Granite Countertops

Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

Watch a few shows on HGTV and you might come to the conclusion that stainless steel appliances are the only choices you have when it comes to pairing them with your granite countertops. But stainless steel is just one option. Here are a few other things to consider when selecting the right kitchen appliances to go with your granite countertops in St. Louis.

Your Family’s Lifestyle

It can be easy to get excited about color and texture when you are putting in granite countertops and appliances, but let’s get real: You need to think about how these things are going to be used on a daily basis. Granite is a great choice for families of any shape and size because it’s durable and gorgeous, but appliances are another matter. Choose appliances that make sense for your family and that make food storage, preparation and cleanup easier for you. A couple of good questions to ask yourself when in the appliance shopping mode are:

  1. When I’m in the kitchen, do I consistently complain about anything that is inconvenient about how my appliances are set up?
  2. When visiting friends or family, what have I secretly coveted about their kitchen appliances in terms of functionality and convenience?

Spend some time thinking about those questions and how you and your other family members work in the kitchen, and consider appliances based on how they might make your life easier.

Colors, Textures, Styles and Contrasts

Granite countertops give you a lot of wiggle room when it comes to decorating and selecting appliances that will complement, match or contrast pleasingly with this natural stone. With such a broad natural range of colors, granite gives you a lot of both classic and trendy options when it comes to pairing them with today’s kitchen appliances. Here are some of the options you might consider:

  • Stainless steel—These appliances are popular with granite for a reason; they are shiny, attractive, and durable and go with both classic and modern kitchen styles. It’s a look that has been around for a long time, and while some designers whisper that stainless steel’s popularity is waning, industry experts say the demand for such appliances is still very strong. Stainless steel looks great with the entire spectrum of our St. Louis granite countertop options. Stainless steel appliances do, however, seem to attract fingerprints like a magnet. If your children are already past the fingerprint-and-magnetic-alphabet decorating stage, or if you don’t mind wiping them down frequently with a safe and appropriate cleaner, there’s no reason to avoid this classic.
  • White— Whether you call it “ice,” “arctic” or just plain “white,” this time-tested kitchen appliance color is clean, bright and goes with so many possible design schemes that it’s often a great choice next to your granite countertops. White also helps reflect more light back into the kitchen, which brightens your working space and actually creates a feeling of more space, even if you have a smaller kitchen. It’s also almost as easy to find a wide range of appliance styles in white as it is to find them in stainless steel, so you have a lot of options when it comes to functionality as well.
  • Black— Modern, sleek, and attention-demanding, black is another appliance color that goes well with many shades and textures of granite. For example, you can use black appliances to go with several shades of gray granite, or even with very light colors to create a pleasing contrast. Black and white is a classic color scheme for kitchens and leaves you a lot of room for splashes of color here and there (our Supreme White is a great “contrast” choice). Bold, rich veins of black in granite (like on our Magma Gold or Spectrus Black) with other colors can also create a dramatic effect when paired with black appliances.
  • Colored Enamel Appliances—You have a very wide range of natural color choices when it comes to selecting granite countertops, and they have a surprisingly wide range of hues that respond well to corresponding tones in their neighboring appliances. Rich tones of cream (like Geriba Beach), rose (like Netuno Bordeaux or Chocolate Bordeaux) and gold (like our Caramel Persian) in the granite can be matched with color-enameled appliances to create a traditional, cozy, inviting feel for your kitchen. Many granite countertops also contain flecks and veins of cooler blues or greens that would work well with cooler-colored, enameled appliances. Our Lemon Ice granite is a good example.

A good rule of thumb when selecting colored appliances to go with your granite is to either use closely matching shades or perfectly contrasting shades. Our St. Louis granite countertop experts can familiarize you with the color wheel and how it works so that you can get some dramatic or relaxing ideas. Whatever your tastes and lifestyle needs, we can help you find an appliance/countertop match you will love for years.

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