Smart Ways to Upgrade your Smaller Kitchen

Posted on Monday, August 18th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

Whether you are cooking dinner, grabbing a snack, or baking cookies with the kids, the kitchen is the center of it all. Because you spend so much time in this room, you need it to be functional, efficient and pleasing to the eye. However, if your kitchen is small, achieving these goals can be difficult.

Below are some tips to help you upgrade your small kitchen for improved usability and better aesthetic appeal.

1. Expand if you can

Adding space to your kitchen can transform it dramatically. If your kitchen borders a space that is rarely used, such as a breakfast nook or extra sitting area, consider integrating that space into the design of a larger, more functional kitchen. Doing so may require some rearranging and extra expense, so be sure to calculate your budget carefully.

2. Eliminate unnecessary walls

Unnecessary walls can make your kitchen feel smaller than it actually is. If you have a wall that separates your kitchen from another area of your home, such as the dining room or living area, consider eliminating the wall or creating a pass through to make the space seem more open.

3. Maximize storage space

Look around your kitchen and take inventory of its storage space and contents. Remove items from the kitchen that are never used and rearrange the items that remain in order to maximize open counter space. The fewer items you have sitting on your countertops, the larger your kitchen will feel.

4. Upgrade the cabinetry

If your cabinetry is old or outdated, consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient design. If possible, choose cabinetry that increases your storage space or makes storage more efficient. For example, modern cabinetry options often include built-in space savers, such as drawers designed specifically to hold pots and pans. Incorporating these designs into your kitchen can help you to store more items out of sight, which frees up space in the kitchen and makes it seem larger.

If your cabinets are in great shape, but you think they are dated, a cabinet refacing may be your inexpensive choice.

5. Upgrade the countertops

One of the best ways to improve your small kitchen is through a countertop upgrade. If your kitchen countertops are old or plain, an upgrade can make all of the difference in the world.

Many home owners in St. Louis area choose to keep everything in the kitchen as it is and replace the countertops with granite to give a completely new and upgraded look to their smaller kitchens.

Granite countertops, for example, can add a sense of elegance and style to the kitchen, allowing you to enjoy the space more. Granite countertops are also durable and easy to maintain.

Here are few proven tips for selecting granite for smaller kitchen countertops:

  • Choose lighter color granite

Go with lighter colored granite slabs like Giallo Ornamental, Ashen White, Colonial Gold  because the light colors tends give a roomier appearance.

  • Select uniform and tight pattern granite

Uniform and tight pattern granites like Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold are good options.

  • Avoid two color combinations

It is not a good idea to choose different color granite for your island and perimeter countertops if you have a smaller kitchen. Go with one color.

  • Avoid granite slabs with big wavy patterns

Exotic granite colors like River Bordeaux may not be right choice for smaller kitchens. Avoid granites with a lot of movement or waves.

To learn more about upgrading your small kitchen or to browse an expansive collection of granite countertops for small kitchens, contact Arch City Granite. With locations in St. Louis and O’Fallon, we stock granite slabs in a variety of colors and finishes. Call or stop in today to get started!

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