Arch City Granite & Marble First to Use Proliner Digital Countertop Measuring Device in St. Louis, Missouri

Posted on Thursday, January 1st, 2009 by Govi Reddy

Arch City Granite is pleased to announce the news of the acquisition of the Proliner digital templating machine, manufactured by Prodim International of Holland, who is the leading manufacturer of digitizing devices that create both 2D and 3D measurements.

Since our inception in 2005 we have been using a FARO digital templating machine to measure kitchen countertops. Recently, we added the Proliner templating machine. With this machine Arch City Granite has achieved another milestone by becoming the first granite company in and around the St. Louis area to have the Proliner countertops measuring device.

The age old saying, measure twice and cut once is doubly true when it comes to granite countertops. Traditionally, the granite countertops were measured by cutting and shaping with physical templates using plastic sheets, cardboard, or Luan plywood boards. This method produces adequate results as long as the person measuring is skilled and very careful. Also, the physical templates have to be transported and stored very carefully so that the template does not lose its shape and the countertop’s measurements along with it.

The modern alternative is to measure with digital templating machines like Proliner that produces accurate CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) drawings of the kitchen countertops. This digital measuring method eliminates the human error that may produce last minute unpleasant surprises.

It is not uncommon to find walls that are not straight and corners that are not exactly 90 degrees in a house. The Proliner digital template allows us to take all of these imperfections into account while measuring. This in turn allows us to scribe the new countertops to fit the imperfections of your walls and irregular angles of your house. The drawings produced by the digital templating machine are further enhanced by any customizations you may want on your new countertops. These include desired overhangs, custom shapes, and the chosen edge profiles.

This guarantees that the final granite countertops installed fit correctly the first time and meets the quality of standards expected by our customers.

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