Three Reasons to See Full Slabs of Granite before You Finalize Selection

Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Caravelas Gold Granite Slab

Caravelas Gold Granite Slab

Granite countertops are one of the most-loved products you can add to your kitchen, for both personal enjoyment and to boost the resale value. However, choosing the perfect granite slab is a difficult decision.

You may think that browsing sample slabs to view different granite options is the best way, or the only way, to make this choice. However, if you’re only looking at samples—you could be missing out on a lot of the little details present in the full slabs that would help you make the right decision.

Consider these three reasons why you should see the actual granite slabs that will be used in your countertop installation before you make that final choice.

#1  – You get a better idea of the different colors present

While you can tell from a photo or small sample whether granite is gray, white or black (in general), you can’t tell exactly the shading of these colors until you see a large piece of it. Preferably, you want to see the actual piece that you will have installed.

Alaska White Granite Slab

Alaska White Granite Slab

Seeing this is so important because every piece can be different. One piece could be noticeably darker or lighter due to mineral veins throughout it. Plus, some granite types of secondary or tertiary colors present that do not become obvious until you see it from afar. You don’t want to notice these other colors only after you have installed the granite in your kitchen.

# 2 – You can view any flaws or beauty marks and form opinions on them

The nature of granite stone means that there will be beauty marks or flaws throughout the slab. These beauty marks are the reason many people love granite. However, the marks that appeal to you could be unacceptable to another buyer and vice versa.

Seeing the actual granite in person allows you to form opinions on the beauty marks and assures you do not get stuck with something you cannot live with in your kitchen.

#3 – You will see patterns in the granite and understand how they will work in your kitchen

The beautiful swirls in the granite look wonderful with certain countertops and backsplashes, but will it work with your decorating plan? Make sure you see the “big picture” and understand the patterns found in your granite slab of choice. Looking at the big picture will help you with all of your other design choices too.

As you can see, viewing the actual granite slabs that will be installed in your kitchen is the best way to make sure you choose the perfect granite color for your home. After all, with a product like granite, you are making a big investment, so it is well worth it to go the extra mile.

Any reputable granite fabricator will not mind at all letting you view actual slabs—after all, your satisfaction is what is ultimately the most important thing!

So, before making any decisions, ask to see the granite—look at a few granite slab colors and types. View the variations and embrace the natural beauty of this material. You can’t find another product as beautiful and unique as granite.

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