What to Do When Your Bathroom is Being Remodeled

Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Remodeling the bathroom increases the value of a home, and adding beautiful fixtures and luxurious materials like granite slabs can be exciting. However, since this room is one of the most heavily used in most homes, the process also poses some inconvenience. Here are ways to reduce stress during a bathroom renovation.

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A bathroom under serious remodeling
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Create Your Backup Plan

Whether you are renovating your only bathroom in the home or one of two or more, it will create some inconvenience. Consider setting up a portable camping toilet and camping shower in a private space elsewhere in the home. This way you can avoid emergency bathroom runs to the neighbors or a public toilet.

Staging Materials

A renovation project moves faster when everything that might be needed has already been purchased and placed close to the bathroom. This includes all building materials, tools, protective gear and cleaning supplies. Place items that will be used most or used first closest to the work site. Remember to keep a path clear for easy movement to and from the bathroom.

Handling Dust

Dust is inevitable during all renovation projects, but if you prepare for it, you can keep it confined to the bathroom. Hang plastic sheeting over the doorway and use a canvas drop cloth on the floor. While you could use plastic sheeting on the floor instead of cloth, it is too slick and hazardous. Canvas also traps dust better so that it is not tracked all over the house.

When your renovation includes beautiful new granite countertops, cover them as well. A little dust won’t hurt these durable countertops, but covering them will during renovation cuts down your cleaning and sealing time post-renovation.

If the bathroom has a window, keep it open and put a fan in it blowing outward to exhaust dust outside. In addition, keep dust out of your home’s ductwork and HVAC system by covering the room’s registers or vents.

Allow Extra Time

Projects often take more time than imagined. Instead of trying to squeeze the renovation into a short weekend, assume it will take several days longer. You can avoid stress by not making plans to have house guests or other at-home events near the renovation period.

When planning a bathroom renovation, be sure to contact the experts at Arch City Granite & Marble, Inc.. Our wide and beautiful selection of granite countertops and slabs can match any design style.

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