3 Kitchen Countertop Recommendations for Home Owners Who Love to Cook

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Monte Carlo Bordeaux granite countertops installed by Arch City Granite

Monte Carlo Bordeaux granite countertops installed by Arch City Granite

For homeowners that love to cook, functionality is just as important as appearance. Your kitchen countertops and kitchen appliances have to look good, feel good, and hold up under heavy use. Here are our top three countertop picks for cooks, based on aesthetics, durability, and cleanliness.

#1 Granite

Granite is an easy choice for cooks. Granite countertops do not get scratched under normal usage , even if you are using heavy pots and pans. Granite is heat resistant, so you can take things right out of the oven and set them on your counters.

Once granite is sealed, most food substances will stay right on the surface until you wipe them off. Again, if you seal your granite, you won’t get water rings, stains, or grease spots. The polish on granite will not wear off no matter how hard you use your counters, so if you invest in quality granite counters, they will look like new for many years.

A solid slab of granite is easy to clean. Just spray on a bit of granite cleaner, and you can easily wipe off all kinds of grease and spills. Have a particularly stubborn bit of food or dough stuck to the counter? A simple razor blade can be used to easily remove even the most resistant mess.

Another benefit of granite countertops is the option to choose matching full height backsplash. If you are cooking a lot, you will get splashes of food and grease on the wall behind your stove and countertops. By avoiding grout, you can keep your backsplash clean and like-new for many years with minimal maintenance and cleaning. Just seal your counters with a long lasting sealer and you are good to go.

#2 Quartz

Manmade quartz counters are a durable alternative to granite. They will not scratch chip, or stain, and they don’t need to be sealed. While quartz is largely heat resistant, very high temperatures can burn the material, and it is not easy to repair if that happens.

An advantage of quartz counters is that they can come in a bright, solid white pattern. If you want to have a solid white counter and still use it comfortably for lots of cooking, this is a great option.

#3 Soapstone

Soapstone has been used in American kitchens for hundreds of years. Because soapstone is not porous like granite or marble, it is completely resistant to bacteria, make it one of the most naturally sanitary counters on the market. It is a natural heat conductor, so can withstand heat from pots and pans.

The one downside of soapstone is that it is softer than granite or quartz. It can scratch and nick easily with use . However, unlike granite or quartz, it’s easy to remove these marks. Light scratches can often just be wiped away with a wet cloth or some soapstone mineral oil. Deeper marks can be quickly removed by the homeowner with some steel wool and a bit of mineral oil.

Many homeowners actually love the look of a soapstone that’s been put to work. In southern European and Mediterranean countries, a worn counter is actually the sign of a good cook! If you want it to look like new, you can just use a soapstone treatment and wipe away any blemishes.

At Arch City Marble and Granite in St. Louis, we will help you pick the perfect countertop for your unique home and lifestyle needs. Visit one of our two showrooms today to talk to a countertop specialist and see full slabs of granite, quartz, and soapstone.

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