How to Pick the Right Granite Color for Kitchen Countertops

Posted on Saturday, November 15th, 2014 by Arch City Granite

Granite is a rich and luscious natural stone that can be used in a number of applications, but what makes it really stand out as a favorite choice for kitchen countertops is that it’s durable, sustainable and timeless. Each piece of granite is a wholly unique work of art created by Mother Nature, and the colors and variety of veining and mottling details are endless.

In fact, it’s this vast number of color and design options could make it difficult to find the right granite color for your kitchen. To assist in your search, this guide will help you narrow down your granite color choices.

Alaskan White Granite

Source: Alaskan White Granite via Arch City Granite

White Granite

Clean and bright, white granite works just as well with in an ultramodern kitchen as it does with a more rustic design. White granite makes smaller kitchens feel bigger. It’s also starkly beautiful when paired with white cabinets, especially if you choose hardware that matches the grey and black veins that run through it.

Sienna Beige Granite

Source: Sienna Beige Granite via Arch City Granite

Beige Granite

Warmer and more subtle than white, beige granite features brown, grey and black tones. Beige granite is a popular choice because it’s versatile and works well with both light and dark cabinets and a variety of appliances. It’s also particularly lovely with hardwood floors and walls painted in warm colors.

Tropic Brown Granite

Source: Tropic Brown Granite via Arch City Granite

Brown Granite

Ranging from light tan to deep, velvety chocolate, brown granite is perfect for a rustic or country-style kitchen. Darker browns work better with lighter cabinets, while lighter browns pair nicely with darker cabinets. The variation of hues in brown granite can help tie various wooden components of the kitchen together.

Spectrus Black granite

Source: Spectrus Black granite via Arch City Granite

Black Granite 

If you’re looking for a wow factor for your kitchen, black granite won’t disappoint. Ranging from nearly solid black to black with specks and veins of silver and grey, black granite is stark and dramatic, and it works well in both contemporary and rustic kitchens. It makes a bold statement when paired with light cabinets and lends itself nicely to colorful accessories.

Blue Pearl Granite

Source: Blue Pearl Granite via Arch City Granite

Jewel Toned Granite 

Red, green and blue granite kitchen countertops can be strikingly beautiful as your kitchen’s centerpiece. Pair jewel toned granite with natural-colored cabinets and neutral walls to avoid too many colors, which can make your kitchen feel busy.

At Arch City Granite, we can help you choose the perfect granite kitchen countertops for your decor. All you have to do is take a moment to contact us today for more information about our granite and natural stone options.

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