Beyond color: 5 Popular shades of white granite

Posted on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 by Arch City Granite

Not everyone gets excited when they think about “white” as a design element. But white granite countertops can make a powerful statement, adding class and elegance to a space while making it feel freer and more open.

white granite countertops

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A white countertop also contributes to the amount of diffuse light in a space, adding energy to your kitchen or bathroom. And far from being a one-size-fits-all color, white granite comes in many patterns which can accentuate the architecture or other fixtures in your room.

Here are some favorite patterns of white granite here at Arch City Granite & Marble:

Alaska White Granite

Reminiscent of a northern snowstorm or snow on rough terrain, this granite has large patches of cooler whites and grays, and clouds of pale ashy gray, all interspersed with tighter clusters of darker grays and blacks. With a visually dramatic but also subdued feel, these white granite countertops would pair excellently with a darker palette in the kitchen.

Moon White Granite

While from a distance this may resemble the tight flecks of television snow, when viewed up close it reveals itself to be a beautiful tumult of whites and dove grays, peppered with punctuation-like dashes of charcoal gray. It offers a surprising self-contained intensity.

River White Granite

The patterning on this granite is like watching swirls of sediment in a flowing river, with ripples and wisps of colors decorating the white base. This granite works excellently as white granite countertops in places where a large granite surface can be installed, so that it can fully display its larger-scale patterns.

White Ice Granite

A beautiful marble-like granite, this material offers strata of pale blue-grey which can crackle into a thunderstorm blue at the edges. August and mesmerizing, this pattern can serve as a focal point for visual interest in a bathroom or kitchen space.

Colonial White Granite

The pale off-white of fine letterhead, this granite is speckled with dark particles which can take on an almost windblown patterning. While it doesn’t loudly draw the eye, it still offers a touch of class and sophistication which is just understated enough. It would fit well into a minimalist design.

Are you looking to add white granite countertops to your kitchen or bathroom vanity? If so, be sure to reach out to the natural stone experts at Arch City Granite.

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