Get to Know Your Stone: The Bordeaux Granites

Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2015 by Govi Reddy


bordeaux granites

This week, we’d like to introduce you to a family of gorgeous Brazilian granites. What these natural stones share in common is

1) A striking pattern that combines waves and linear motion with the subtle variation found in composite patterns and

2) A rich palette of wine colors (hence the “Bordeaux” in the name).

The unique lines of the Bordeaux granite colors look best when the countertop design takes their flow into consideration. If you are considering one of these natural stones, it is important to choose a high-quality local fabricator who will carefully plan which parts of the slab to use for each part of your counters and carefully line up the sections at the seams for a flawless finish.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

typhoon bordeaux granite

Typhoon Bordeaux is probably the most well-known out of this color group. As its name suggest, Typhoon Bordeaux is full of energy. The pattern often twists in several directions like water in rapids or cresting waves. The background of this stone is usually cream, ivory, white, and grey with strong lines of deep wine red and rose. Often, black accents create contrast, making the white in the granite appear brighter.

The cool colors of the background set off the rich “Bordeaux” colors, giving this stone a particularly elegant look. Occasionally, slabs of Typhoon Bordeaux Granite will have a bit of gold swirled in, and when this happens, the overall effect is a sunset palette. That is why it is also called with the name of Sunset Cream in St. Louis granite market.

Crema Bordeaux granite

crema bordeaux granite

While Typhoon Bordeaux’s palette lets the beautiful pattern take center stage, Crema Bordeaux’s colors make it a guaranteed statement piece. Rose, various reds, burgundy, gold, and a soft sherbet orange are all swirled together. Through the soft grain of the stone runs an occasional river of crisp quartz and a smooth, pearly peach mineral. This is a great choice for homeowners and designers who want to add passion and color to their home. In fact, many of the warm colors in Crema Bordeaux, like red, are scientifically proven to increase energy.

Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

chocolate bordeaux granite

More complex than Typhoon Bordeaux Granite and more subdued in color than Crema Bordeaux Granite, Chocolate Bordeaux is the wild card of the Bordeaux family. It can look quite different from one lot to another (a lot is a set of slabs cut from a single block of granite). Large amounts of quartz allow you to peer into the stone, creating dimension and depth. In addition to savoring the signature Bordeaux and rose colors, indulge in the eponymous dark chocolate lines that meander across the background. Sometimes, Chocolate Bordeaux can have a brick orange/brown element as well. These slabs tend to have an overall warmer effect. Your local fabricator will be able to show you what Chocolate Bordeaux slabs are available in your area.

Netuno Bordeaux Granite

netuno bordeaux granite

Sometimes called River Bordeaux Granite because of its strong, linear pattern, Netuno Bordeaux Granite is characterized by strong diagonal rivers of cream, grey, and wine red with black mica and quartz tumbled across the slab. The overall effect is reminiscent of colorful stones jostling across the riverbed beneath a fast-moving stream. Like Typhoon Bordeaux Granite (which, for comparison, evokes a cresting wave rather than a river), Netuno Bordeaux adds controlled energy to the kitchen.

Tips for Decorating with the Bordeaux Granites

Bordeaux granites are a lot of fun to decorate around, because by emphasizing different qualities of the granites, you can create so many different looks in the same home. Here are a few ideas to help you imagine how these stones will fit into your home:

  • While they go well with many cabinet colors, cherry cabinets and cream cabinets really set off these stones.
  • Pewter and brushed nickel really set off the cool background colors of these patterns (although Crema Bordeaux looks stellar with copper fixtures).
  • Play up the passion and energy of these granites by choosing a bold paint for the walls (burgundy, aborigine, dark red) or instead emphasize their elegance with cream, gray, or mint green colors.
  • An Ogee edge profile will create more wavy curves in the kitchen, emphasizing the pattern of the stone.

If you like these stones, you will probably also love:

  • Sienna Bordeaux Granite
  • Monte Carlo Bordeaux Granite (aka Galaxy Bordeaux Granite)
  • Caramel Persian Granite
  • Lennon Granite (aka New Azul Aran Granite)
  • Hawaii Granite
  • Sienna Beige Granite

Arch City Granite & Marble stocks hand picked slabs of Bordeaux granites from Brazil. If you are looking for granite in St. Louis area, please feel free to visit our showroom.

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