Granite Slabs Variations: The Many Faces of Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Posted on Monday, April 4th, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

If you have been visiting granite showrooms searching for the right granite, you have probably noticed the beautiful Typhoon Bordeaux Granite.

Perhaps the light cream background, chocolate swirls, and burgundy rivulets were a perfect match to your cabinet color. Maybe the subtle greys in the slab picked up the same color in your floor.
If, like many home owners, you have visited several local granite companies, you may have been surprised to see several stones–all called Typhoon Bordeaux Granite– that look different, in some instances totally different than what you may have seen in other places.

Don’t get frustrated! This is the world of natural stone. As each stone is quarried from a certain part of the world, different parts of the quarry can contain different mixtures of the same minerals, creating slabs that defy our ability to categorize.

We cannot predict the color and design of the stone quarried from the earth that formed millions of years ago. We cannot dictate that we need it in certain color and format. That is the beauty of the natural stone: Unique and Unpredictable!

That is the very reason natural stone is so popular for kitchen countertops.

Even if you choose a popular stone like Typhoon Bordeaux Granite, you will end up with a unique countertop.

This is why it is important to choose from entire slabs instead of small samples like you may pick up at a big-box store. Find a local fabricator, and choose from the unique stones they have instead of trying to find a slab that matches something you may have seen online or sold out at another shop.

To give you an idea of the beautiful variations of this particular granite, here are a few real slabs that are or have been on the market in the St. Louis area recently:

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