What color granite goes with white cabinets?

Posted on Monday, June 9th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

A kitchen design or remodel involves the selection of colors for a variety of architectural elements of the room. If you have white cabinetry, the light cabinets will factor into your color selection of granite countertops.

Granite countertops are available in a wide array of colors to fit virtually any kitchen design and owner preference. Spend some time considering the color you want for your granite counters to ensure that you are happy with your final selection for many years to come.

Overall Coordination

While coordinating your granite with the white cabinets is important, it’s not your only consideration. Think about your cabinets, flooring, backsplash tiles, walls, ceiling and the amount of natural lighting that filters into your kitchen.

Light granite colors often create a casual and rustic feel in a kitchen. Dark granite colors tend to create a more elegant and upscale kitchen design.

Color Options

If you opt for counters that match your light cabinetry, your kitchen will likely appear too stark and sterile. A contrast between the white cabinetry and the granite counters will create a more pleasing color scheme for your kitchen.

Mottling and Veining

If the overall granite color is white but it has darker mottling and veining, you can create an appealing affect in your kitchen. Veining in gray, black or brown will create a dark contrast against the white cabinetry.

Create the opposite effect by choosing a dark granite color in black, gray or blue with a lighter mottling that matches the white cabinetry. In this case, the lighter mottling pulls the cabinetry and countertops together attractively.

Solid Colors

Solid color granite is another option for granite that fits white cabinetry. Possible colors to consider include black, gray, red and a variety of greens and blues.

Two Tones

Consider selecting two different granite colors for your kitchen. Choose one granite color for the counters around the perimeter and another granite color for counters in an island. By opting for dark granite in the perimeter and light granite in the island, you brighten the center of the kitchen. Perhaps your cabinetry will be uniform throughout the room or your island cabinets could be a different color than the perimeter cabinetry.

Shopping for Granite

When you embark on the pursuit of the perfect granite color for your kitchen, bring along a sample of your white cabinets to help you browse for granite counters. If possible, also bring a sample of your flooring and backsplash tiles to help you coordinate the entire kitchen color scheme.

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