Countertop Spotlight: Bianco Antico Granite

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2016 by Arch City Granite
Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico Granite is one of those granite patterns that maintains the perfect balance between consistency and variation: simple, understated colors with a bold, unpredictable pattern. Bianco Antico also happens to be very well priced, costing about $59 to $69 per square foot (installed) in the St. Louis area.

It’s not surprising that these characteristics make it a favorite. The great thing about this Brazilian granite is that it is recognizable–allowing you to see what it looks like in other kitchens and then choose it for your own–but it never looks exactly the same from one lot (a group of slabs cut from the same block) to another.

Full slab picture of Bianco Antico

Full slab picture of Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico Granite has a background of white and gray with large formations of quartz and black feldspar. Often, this granite can have hints of rose or espresso as well. Some slabs are brighter than others, so if you are shopping for Bianco Antico, make sure you choose from full slabs not little samples.

Detailed View of Bianco Antico Granite

Detailed View of Bianco Antico Granite

What Style Kitchen Works Best with Bianco Antico Granite?

Bianco Antico Granite is perfectly suited for traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. The crisp monochromatic palette is well-suited to the white and black look that is popular, and it’s overall lightness makes it a great choice for the open, airy style that so many homeowners love.

What Cabinets Match Bianco Antico Granite?

This countertops pairs extremely well with black, espresso, white, gray, and cherry cabinets. It goes with almost any wood finish; finishes with undertones of red tend to tie in well with the rose hints found in many of these granite slabs. If you don’t want to accentuate the rose in the granite, choose a cabinet with a cooler color or finish.

What Backsplash Matches Bianco Antico Granite?

This white background natural stone is easy to match. The simple, understated colors allow you to be adventurous with backsplash tile. A small mosaic with a mix of neutrals and earth tones is a reliable choice, as is a simple travertine subway tile. Take your tile samples to your fabricator and hold them up against the granite slab you have chosen to make sure the size of the tile complements the bold pattern of your Bianco Antico Granite.

Where to Buy Bianco Antico Granite?

Looking for quality Bianco Antico Granite in the greater St. Louis area? At Arch City Marble and Granite, we carry only the best slabs of imported Brazilian Bianco Antico Granite. To choose your countertop from full slabs, visit one of our two showrooms; we provide free quotes as well as advice on kitchen and bathroom design from our many years in the field.

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