Most popular granite countertop colors

Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014 by Govi Reddy

The most popular granite countertop colors change and update regularly as new colors hit the scene and consumers choose new favorites.

Designing a kitchen means choosing a countertop that will add color and architectural pop, not to mention a place to prepare meals. When you’ve got your eye on granite counters, you’ll have a vast array of colors from which to choose.

Granite Materials

Because granite is a natural earth material (igneous rock), colors and patterns vary widely. Granite can also feature flecks and veining color variations. No two granite slabs are identical, so granite will always vary between pieces, which gives a granite counter eclectic appeal.

Time-Honored Colors

Like other home design features, the hottest granite colors change as trends evolve. Because granite is strong and durable, it’s important to choose a color you’ll enjoy for the life of the counter.

Some granite colors continue to keep solid popularity, despite shifting and changing design trends. Gold and yellow granite dominates with consumers. Within the golden granite color family, veining and flecks of green, brown, gray and black create bold and pleasing color variety.

Color Families

Granite manufacturers classify granite into separate color families. Standard color families include black, gray, beige, white, blue, purple, pink, red, green, yellow and brown.

Black granite is a current hot favorite amongst consumers, due to its bold, yet classic, appearance. Black granite complements and contrasts with virtually any other cabinet, floor and wall color to create a dynamic kitchen.

Color Names

Different companies may have unique names for granite colors, but you will often find similar granite colors available amongst a variety of different companies. Request granite samples during the shopping process to enable you to compare countertop colors between companies.

Popular Granite Colors

popular granite colors

Consumers often gravitate to granite colors that are both appealing and affordable. Names may vary between companies, but product descriptions often list several names for identification purposes.

Ubatuba is a popular and affordable dark green granite with flecks of gold, tan and silver. Venetian gold granite has an overall gold hue with interspersed flecks of brown and rust throughout the granite. Black galaxy granite has an overall black hue with gold flecks that reflect light.

Make sure to visit our granite slab inventory, installation gallery and granite countertops page for more granite color samples.

Popular Finishes

Granite may have a polished finish so it looks slippery and glossy. A honed finish produces a matte appearance on a granite counter. Some consumers choose a leathered finish, which creates a rustic and rough appearance that resembles leather and resists fingerprints.

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