Six Granite Colors that Will Never Go Out of Style

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2015 by Govi Reddy

typhoon bordeaux granite kitchen

So, you’ve bought your forever home, and you are decorating with the next few decades in mind. Granite countertops are a great investment; with proper care and feeding, they will look as good in fifteen years as they do today. But that means you need a countertop that will fit the styles of the future as well as the trends of the present.

Here are six stunning granites that will go the distance and easily adapt to the design “do’s” of the next decades (along with some pro tips for getting today’s looks just right).

1. Alaska White Granite

alaska white granite

Alaska White Granite

This Brazilian stone has simple color palette of white, cream, black, and gray that dazzles in a spectacular pattern. Its sparkling formations of quartz, feldspar, and mica contain nearly infinite variations. You will be able to redecorate around Alaska White Granite’s colors over and over, and the complex pattern will always surprise you.

Pro tip: pair Alaska White Granite with cherry cabinets and burgundy accents.

You might also like Juperana Delicatus Granite or Bianco Antico Granite.

2. Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial Gold Granite

Colonial Gold Granite

A soft pattern and gentle cool colors with accents of gold meet in this Indian granite, and the effect is a timeless elegance that will look as beautiful in twenty years as it does now. This is a perfect choice for a sunny kitchen where the light catches all the tiny pieces of translucent quartz that are sprinkled across the granite.

Pro tip: pair Colonial Gold Granite with espresso cabinets and a large travertine tile on the floor.

You might also like Astoria Granite, Colonial Cream Granite, and Ivory Fantasy Granite.

3. Absolute Black Granite

Premium Black Granite

Premium Black Granite

You know what they say: black is the new black. A simple black countertop is a classic choice that looks at just as at home in a sleek contemporary penthouse as it does in a traditional farmhouse. The versatile solid black pattern will easily adapt to whatever styles and colors designers favor in the years to come.

Pro tip: Pair Absolute Black Granite with a white marble tile backsplash and painted gray or stainless steel cabinets. Use small kitchen appliances and accessories to add a pop of color that can be easily replaced for a quick and cost-effective mini-remodel.

You might also like Premium Black Granite, Black Antique Granite, Black Spice Granite, and Cambrian Black Granite.

4. Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Granite

You don’t have to keep your colors simple to create a timeless look. Natural materials like wood or granite aren’t made with trends in mind. Blues may go in and out of style, but sapphires are always beautiful. In the same way, a natural granite that takes your breath away today will not look dated in ten years just because it happens to look great with current styles. So, go for your bold colored granite, just be mindful of your cabinet color and styles and your backsplash choices. Choose a simple edge like an eased or beveled profile that lets the timeless natural beauty of the granite do the talking.

Pro tip: pair Bahia Blue Granite with a simple white subway tile and white cabinets. This combination can lean contemporary or traditional based on your appliances, lighting, and kitchen accessories…all of which can be easily replaced with trendier models when they fall out of style.

5. Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite is one of those great stones that changes its look from year to year as different areas of its Brazilian quarries are reached. That means that no kitchen will have quite the same combination of appetizing vanilla and wine swirls. As styles come and go, your unique countertop—a masterpiece of nature— will still look as good as the day it was installed.

Pro tip: select cream cabinets with a dark glazing and upgrade to an ogee edge.

You might also like Bordeaux Dream Granite, Sienna Bordeaux Granite, and River Bordeaux Granite.

6.  Golden Beach Granite

Golden Beach Granite

Golden Beach Granite

Golden Beach Granite has an understated pattern and warm, buttery colors. Its mix of minerals is complex and engaging up close, but the overall effect is more subdued. The cream, gold, and tan palette can be paired with black cabinets for more contrast or white for a light, airy aesthetic. You may prefer a sunny country kitchen with golds and whites today, but after 10 years and a coat of paint, Golden Beach Granite will still shine just as brightly as the centerpiece of  rich, chocolate flavored contemporary kitchen.

Pro tip: There are lots of colors hidden among the minerals of Golden Beach Granite. Bring home lots of paint chips and lay them on the counter to see what “pops” before selecting your wall color.

You might also like Solarius Granite, Mascarello Granite, and Namibian Cream Granite.

Happy stone shopping, and if you get stuck, remember that your local stone fabricator has picked up some great granite decorating tricks over the years.

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