Why Top Chefs Prefer Granite in Their Kitchens

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by Govi Reddy

Granite countertops in Chef's Kitchen

Novice cooks and professional chefs alike put a high premium on their kitchens. Having the best tools and environment to be creative is paramount to preparing fabulous meals. This is one of the reasons why when it comes to countertops and kitchen prep areas in their own kitchens, top chefs prefer to have beautiful, durable granite as their material of choice. If you love to cook and want the best kitchen to prepare your meals, you’ll want to consider the reasons that lead top chefs to choose granite for their own kitchens.

Granite Is the Right Ingredient for Professional Kitchens

Both top chefs and cooking enthusiasts understand that quality ingredients are what make any meal special. The same is true of a professional grade kitchen. The best quality appliances and cooking tools, along with the kitchen design and quality materials are all part of creating a top-notch kitchen. One of the largest portions of most kitchens is the countertops and worktop areas, making the material used in these areas essential to the quality of the entire kitchen. For many top chefs, the ideal quality material for their kitchens is granite.

Top chefs depend on countertops in their kitchens that can withstand heavy use on an everyday basis. While there are many materials that look fantastic as countertops, not many have the unique blend or beauty and strength that granite can offer. Top chefs and the average cooking enthusiast can both appreciate how granite is the perfect ingredient for a professional grade kitchen.

What Makes Granite So Special?

While many materials can be used as countertops, none of them compares to granite when you look at durability, beauty and value. Whether you are a professional chef or a busy mom, you want kitchen countertops that add value to your home, while giving you the best surface for cooking in your kitchen. Although beauty and value are important, when it comes to creating a kitchen for a top chef, the main component will almost always be durability.

Top Chefs Value Durability

A busy kitchen means plenty of abuse for the countertops. Heavy pots and pans, hot liquids and sharp utensils are just some of the items that can destroy a countertop’s surface. However, the reason top chefs prefer granite is its ability to withstand this abuse. Granites beauty is not skin deep; this is a durable stone that is perfect for even the high demands of a professional kitchen. Consider these facts about granite’s durability:

–       Mohs scale. Mineralogist Frederich Mohs created the Mohs scale in 1812 to gauge mineral hardness. The scale ranges from one to ten, with soft minerals like talcum rated at one and the hardest minerals like diamonds at ten. Granite is composed mostly of quartz and feldspar, which range at the high-end of the Mohs scale at an estimated 6-7 rating.

–       Resistance. Due to the hardness of granite, it is resistant to common damage that occurs in most kitchens. Granite resists scratching, chipping, staining and heat, making it a perfect material for countertops and work areas in busy professional kitchens or for any household kitchen. Even if the granite countertop is scratched or chipped over time, granite can usually be repaired without replacing the entire surface.

–       Maintenance. Top chefs need a surface that is easy to clean and maintain in their kitchens, which is why durable granite is one of their top choices. Cleaning granite is a snap; most spills can be easily wiped up without the use of toxic chemical cleaners. In addition, maintaining the beauty and integrity of granite is simple. Using a gentle granite cleanser and conditioner keeps the surface beautiful and protected.

–       Granite Colors. Busy kitchens used by professional chefs need a clean and hard granite slabs used as countertops. Absolute Black, Black Pearl, Tan Brown, Indian Coffee Brown granites are some of the popular choices for high traffic kitchens because of their durability, ease of cleaning.

Professional Kitchens Need Professional Granite Installations

While top chefs know food, they are not necessarily kitchen designers or granite contractors. When it comes to installing their granite countertops, chefs depend on those who are experts in granite installation. Choosing the right type of granite, then having it professionally designed, cut and installed takes skilled workmanship by those who understand this unique and versatile stone. Using granite in a kitchen is an investment in quality, both in the stone and in the professionalism of the installation.

If you are looking to create a professional-grade kitchen similar to what top chefs use, take the time to research using granite for your countertops by calling Arch City Granite. Arch City Granite has over nine years experience designing, cutting and installing granite in homes throughout the greater St. Louis area. There is no equal to the warmth and beauty granite can add to your home and kitchen, plus all the benefits of having a superior work surface for creating meals in your home.

Let our expert staff help you choose the right granite to meet the function and design needs for your kitchen. Our team of experts have installed over 4000 kitchen countertops, giving us the experience to meet all your granite countertop installation needs.

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