St. Louis Homeowners Love Winter-Inspired Granite Colors

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2016 by Arch City Granite

Over the holiday season, light-colored granites look beautiful against greenery and the reds and greens or blues and silvers that you’ve used to deck the halls. But what about white granite colors during other times of the year?

The good news is that winter-inspired granite will look beautiful in any season. Summer or winter, these pale colors will give your kitchen a sleek, cool look. Your kitchen will look festive over the holidays, but cool and refreshing during warmer parts of the year.

If you’re looking for light-colored granites — ever a popular choice among St. Louis homeowners — then we have a few great recommendations for you!

Snowfall Granite

snowfall granite

Snowfall granite is a gorgeous stone that comes from Brazil. This granite features a white base that is beautifully flecked with black. The stark contrasts in this stone will make you think of the first snowflakes of the season falling over a darkened landscape. Because this white granite is so luminous, it makes for the perfect contrast against black, gray or espresso cabinetry. However, if you prefer the icy look of a purely white kitchen, then Snowfall granite will give you just a hint of color while keeping your kitchen cool, sleek and bright.

Winter White Granite

Winter White Granite

Of all light-colored granites, Winter White slabs have some of the most interesting patterns. This granite, hailing from Namibia in Africa, has a white base flecked with gray and black, giving it an overall off-white tone. The patterning will put you in mind of a dusting of snow over rocky terrain. In a snowy white kitchen, it provides the perfect contrast against bright walls and cabinetry. With its beige tones, Winter White granite also works well if you want to put a frosty touch on a natural wood kitchen.

Ice Blue Granite

Ice Blue Granite

If you’ve ever overlooked a snow field, full of drifts capped with ice, then you’ll appreciate the beauty of Ice Blue granite. This is another stone that comes from Brazil, and it features an icy gray-white base with hints of gray and subtle beige. Throughout the slab, you’ll find striking black veins, not dissimilar to the look of rocks peeking through frosty snowdrifts.

Like Snowfall granite, Ice Blue granite is a versatile stone that goes well in a variety of kitchens and bathrooms. With its light beige tones, you can use it with natural wood, but the overall cool look means that it also looks beautiful in white kitchens or kitchens with black cabinetry. In addition, the cool gray overtones in Ice Blue granite make it the perfect option if you’re planning on updating your kitchen with stainless steel appliances and accents.

Ice Flakes Quartzite

Ice flake quartzite

Perhaps you want the wintry look of light-colored natural stone, but you don’t want the veined and flecked appearance of granite. If that’s the case, then you should definitely consider Ice Flakes quartzite. Ice Flakes quartzite is quarried in Brazil, and it will give you the wintry look you want without the flecks of darker colors that are so common in granite.

The beauty of Ice Flakes quartzite is that it will give you the smooth look of unblemished snow, but it also has just enough marbling and veining to make it interesting. This quartzite is a gray color with a very slightly warm beige tone, making it perfect for white kitchens that need just a hint of color or kitchens with natural wood cabinetry.

If you want to bring the look of snow and ice to your kitchen or bathroom, any of these stone slabs are an excellent choice. And, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, make sure to check out our gallery of granite and quartzite — there are many options that will give you the cool, wintry look you want.

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